The World Cup of Darts comes to Austria for the first time!

The World Cup of Darts is the PDC Team World Championship with a very special format.

Because in this event the players do not compete individually, but in teams of two for their home country. So it is not “Wright vs. van Gerwen”, but “Scotland vs. The Netherlands”. A special treat is the pairs format, in which four players are on stage at once – unique in the tour calendar.

32 nations take part in the World Cup of Darts. 8 nations are seeded, the list of seeds is created based on the ranking position of the two players. Usually the two best players of a nation are invited according to the Order of Merit. Which nations participate is at the discretion of the PDC.

In 2019 the prize money was £350,000 (approx. 400,000 EUR). This prize money will not be included in any ranking.