The health authorities have limited the number of participants for the European Darts Championship to 250 people per session. More than 250 tickets have already been sold for the sessions on Friday evening, Saturday evening and Sunday evening. In addition, only five people from a maximum of two houses may sit together per row of 10 places. Ticket sales have been stopped for these sessions.

The PDC Europe regrets that due to the current regulation not all ticket buyers of these sessions can actually attend.

The above-mentioned sessions will go on sale again on Tuesday, 27.10.2020 from 8 pm with an adapted seating plan. The PDC Europe would like to avoid having to identify the people who are allowed to attend the sessions on Friday, Saturday and Sunday evening. Furthermore, possible splitting of groups and seat changes should also be done by the persons concerned themselves.

PDC Europe asks all ticket purchasers of Friday, Saturday and Sunday evening sessions to have their tickets converted into vouchers. These vouchers can then be used to purchase new tickets for these sessions – true to the motto “First come, first serve”.

The voucher can also be used to change sessions. Seats are still available for the sessions on Thursday evening and Friday afternoon. A change to one of these two sessions is also possible from Tuesday at 8 pm. At this point we would like to point out that on Thursday ALL 32 players can be seen on stage. In this session all 16 first round games will be played. There has never been such a big session before!

All concerned ticket holders have been informed of the exact steps and procedures by e-mail.

PDC Europe very much regrets that these measures must now be taken and asks for understanding that the current regulations require certain decisions to be taken.