The Hylo Care PDC Europe Superleague Germany continues this weekend with the matches of Group B. Besides the winner of the Superleague 2019 Nico Kurz, two other former World Championship participants are at the start with René Eidams and Dragutin Horvat.

The matches will be played in the mode “Everyone vs. Everyone” on two days, the return matches in this group will take place in two weeks.

At the start of the Hylo Care PDC Europe Superleague Gabriel Clemens dominated Group A. The “German Giant” won all seven games and leads the table sovereignly by Sascha Stein. The “Stoiner” had a good weekend and is surprisingly ahead of Kevin Münch, Steffen Siepmann, Kai Gotthardt and Michael Unterbuchner. Christian Bunse and Kai Gotthardt, who are at the bottom of the standings, had a bad weekend.

The top 4 from both groups qualify for the final round, which will be held on June 14th. All matches will be shown live on Sport1 and DAZN. Fans outside of Germany, Austria and Switzerland will also have the opportunity to follow the matches via PDCTV.

Hylo Care PDC Europe Superleague Germany
List of players, Week 2

Daniel Klose
Dragutin Horvat
Karsten Koch
Maik Langendorf
Manfred Bilderl
Nico Kurz
René Eidams
Thomas Köhnlein