Five players from five different countries came through the East Europe Qualifiers for the first five European Tour events of 2020.

Sunday saw 44 players from across East Europe travel to Budapest to take part in the qualifying events.

Slovenia’s Benjamin Pratnemer, who made his World Championship debut at Alexandra Palace in December, will compete in the Belgian Darts Championship (ET1) in Hasselt from February 28 – March 1.

Russian World Cup representative Boris Koltsov will travel to Sindelfingen for the European Darts Grand Prix (ET2) from March 20-22, while Austria’s Pero Ljubic will play in the European Darts Open (ET3) in Leverkusen from March 27-29.

Poland’s Tytus Kanik will be among the field for the German Darts Grand Prix (ET4), which will take place in Munich from April 11-13, and Czech youngster Adam Gawlas will star in his second European Tour event at the Austrian Darts Open (ET5) in Graz from May 1-3.

ET1 East Europe Qualifier
Boris Koltsov 6-5 Roman Benecky
Benjamin Pratnemer 6-0 Ondrej Kysilka
David Pisek 6-5 Alexander Masek
Zdravko Antunović 6-2 Pavel Jirkal

Benjamin Pratnemer 6-4 Boris Koltsov
David Pisek 6-5 Zdravko Antunović

Benjamin Pratnemer 6-4 David Pisek

ET2 East Europe Qualifier
Sebastian Steyer 6-4 Michal Smejda
Major Nándor 6-1 Pavel Kodera
Boris Koltsov 6-3 Ondrej Kysilka
Benjamin Pratnemer 6-3 Adam Gawlas

Sebastian Steyer 6-4 Major Nándor
Boris Koltsov 6-5 Benjamin Pratnemer

Boris Koltsov 6-1 Sebastian Steyer

ET3 East Europe Qualifier
Benjamin Pratnemer 6-3 David Pisek
Adam Gawlas 6-5 Michal Smejda
Tytus Kanik 6-4 Roman Benecky
Pero Ljubic 6-4 Németh Szabolcs

Benjamin Pratnemer 6-3 Adam Gawlas
Pero Ljubic 6-3 Tytus Kanik

Pero Ljubic 6-1 Benjamin Pratnemer

ET4 East Europe Qualifier
Major Nándor 6-2 Dimitri Gorbunov
Tytus Kanik 6-0 Benjamin Pratnemer
Boris Koltsov 6-3 Sebastian Steyer
Michal Smejda 6-5 Németh Szabolcs

Tytus Kanik 6-5 Major Nándor
Boris Koltsov 6-2 Michal Smejda

Tytus Kanik 6-3 Boris Koltsov

ET5 East Europe Qualifier
Dimitri Gorbunov 6-2 Zdravko Antunović
Adam Gawlas 6-0 Németh Szabolcs
Tytus Kanik 6-1 Sebastian Steyer
Martin Popelka 6-4 Boris Koltsov

Adam Gawlas 6-5 Dimitri Gorbunov
Tytus Kanik 6-2 Martin Popelka

Adam Gawlas 6-3 Tytus Kanik