The PDC announces [LINK] that over 1,000 tickets for numerous sessions of the William Hill World Darts Championship are back on sale.
The tickets come from the consistent cancellation of tickets identified by the PDC on unauthorized secondary market platforms.
There are also some remaining tickets available from the Thomas Cook Sports promotions.
PDC Europe is also consistently taking legal action against the overpriced resale of tickets, in particular also against the Viagogo platform itself, as our fans rightly complain again and again about the offers there.

As part of a default judgment against Viagogo, the Munich Regional Court I has now ruled that Viagogo may not offer tickets for darts events of PDC Europe without providing details on personalization and conditions for the transfer of the right to visit.
At the end of 2018, the Hamburg Regional Court issued a temporary injunction against the Viagogo ticket exchange at the request of Langenbahn von Moltke GmbH.
Viagogo had already been banned by the court at that time from offering tickets for the World Cup of Darts in the Barclaycard Arena Hamburg at false alleged original prices and from indicating a false event location.
The Hamburg Regional Court has also now confirmed this decision in the main proceedings, since “the defendant not only deceived (…) as to the amount of the original prices in the offer, but also indicated an incorrect venue”.
The PDC Europe therefore again points out the necessary personalisation and the possibilities of fair passing on of tickets as they result from § 3 of the General Terms and Conditions.
In cooperation with the law firm SCHÜTZ Rechtsanwälte, Viagogo and other providers of overpriced tickets will therefore continue to be consistently prosecuted.

Official tickets for the World Cup of Darts and all other PDC events are only available here in our shop!